Pros and Cons of Television Advertising

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TV commercials advertising traditionally, as this combination of video and audio advertising messages with unlimited variety, unlike other means of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites. Based on research reports, people spend four and a half hours watching television as the most common leisure activity. As a result, television is often considered the "king" of advertising media, like so much of an impact on people. It is also considered the "king" of the advertising costs (expensive).

Before a product is advertised, the market research in the consumer reaction to the product. Television marketing must follow a number of strict rules (restrictions). Television commercials proved successful election campaign of a politician could affect the public's views. On television, advertising, animation, advertising is very popular (Kellogg) and the long run (set of ads can be done). The OECD communications outlook 2001, the US television advertising shared 37% of total advertising revenue.

Advantages of TV advertising:

Although television advertising may not make an immediate sale, such as search advertising, it would significantly affect customers and slowly convince your target market.

· TV advertising will allow the product to reach large numbers of people (regional and national), in a short time.

· Television helps to transmit messages (advertising) of sight, sound and action.

· Ads can target local independent stations and local cable network channels.

· different segments of people, such as children, house wives, the young people targeted by the organization through various channels (cartoon) at different timings (time when many people watch TV).

· It has the flexibility and selectivity options for customers to choose a product offered by many companies.

· creative television commercials easily attracts people and makes them to buy products. This is very beneficial for small businesses.

Disadvantages of TV advertising:

· cost of television advertising is very high, as it should be repeated many times and therefore costs more commercials to air television channels.

· Television advertisements are short, so do not convey more about the product.

· Television advertising sometimes obscure (mess up) as they do not show relevant information products.

· If the television advertising creative is not, then people do not care to see, and do not buy the products.

· Some time will be TV advertising so that people do not believe you, so do not buy the products.

· It is difficult to change, unlike television commercials advertising in print media.

· Producing television advertising involves hiring scriptwriters, actors, video editors, or an advertising agency. So, it is a complicated procedure.

Television advertising has advantages and disadvantages. When properly selected and end on the right wing after helping businesses to reach their target customers flawlessly.

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